The site at Oxnead has a long and fascinating history.

The site has been occupied since pre-historic times, and archaeological finds include axe heads, knives and spearheads. During Roman times, Oxnead was a busy fortified town on the banks of the River Bure. At the time of the Doomsday survey (1086) the estate belonged to the Halden family. In 1368 it was acquired by Sir Robert de Salle, and by 1420 the estate had been sold to the Pason family.

The Paston family lived at Oxnead between 1420 and 1732 and much of their lives at Oxnead are recorded in a unique collection of letters and papers. Following the demise of the Paston family, the main house was demolished and only the service wing was left standing. The estate was bought by Admiral Anson (the first man to circumnavigate the world) in 1735. From that time a number of families have occupied Oxnead Hall including John Adey Repton (son of Humphrey Repton) and John Hedgecoe (photographer). The estate is currently owned by the Aspinall family.


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