We are committed to ensuring that we operate as sustainably as possible. We are seeking to evolve with a green agenda and are determined to create a better environment for all to enjoy in the future.


Biomass boilers provide both heating and hot water to the entire site. This has lowered our reliance on fossil fuels and significantly reduced our carbon footprint. The entire site now uses energy efficient LED bulbs, which have contributed to a significant decrease in our daily energy consumption.


All the water for the site is sourced from boreholes. We are also planning to introduce rainwater harvesting throughout the site.


The 15-acre site is managed with biodiversity at its core. Over the past five years, hundreds of trees have been planted, meadows allowed to grow to attract insects and wildlife and wildflower areas have been sown. We have introduced bird boxes, bird feeders and insect hotels throughout the site and we encourage a huge variety of wildlife including insects, bats, waterbirds, songbirds, fish and amphibians. We even have our very own family of otters in locality.


All the waste produced on site is recycled, all garden waste is composted and re-used on the estate. Horse manure is brought in from local stables to enhance the quality of the soil. We are working to minimise plastic from our garden and other activities.


We are proud to contribute to the maintenance of clean air and the quiet and natural surroundings of Oxnead Hall.


We are committed to supporting young people by providing apprenticeships and work opportunities. We also work closely with the local community to ensure that our business is compatible with the needs of our rural community to ensure it continues to thrive. We also hold a number of charity events each year to support local and national charities as well as the local church.


Our executive chef Keith McDowell works with local suppliers and producers to ensure that locally sourced food is at the core of our menus. This is complimented by food grown in Oxnead Hall’s own walled vegetable garden.


Restoration of historic buildings and landscapes is an important element of sustainability. We have been steadily restoring our historic buildings to ensure that they are preserved and enjoyed, both now and into the future, not just by ourselves and our event guests but also by the wider community and charitable organisations. We were recently awarded an Exceptional Enhancement Contribution award by Broadland District Council for the quality of restoration work carried out.

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