The Perfect Wedding Flowers for a Summer Wedding

With some of the most sought after flowers at their best during the summer months, if you love beautiful blooms, it’s a great season to choose for your wedding! Let’s take a look at some fabulous wedding flowers for your wedding at Oxnead Hall.


Effortlessly beautiful and available in so many different colours and varieties, we’re particularly fond of the delicate soft pinks and coral shades. Peonies look wonderful on their own or combined with other seasonal blooms. They peak in late spring and early summer so are only available for a short time but, if you’re marrying in June, you’re in luck!


With over 150 types of rose in the world, there is much to choose from. They come in all shapes and sizes, all colours and with wonderful scents, making them a versatile and popular wedding flower. For your summer wedding, choose delicate whites, pretty pastels or vibrant hues. Magnificent roses undoubtedly suit the grandeur of our Fountain Room for your wedding ceremony.

Sweet Peas

There’s perhaps nothing more romantic than sweet peas with their delicate colour and wonderful scent. Use them in all your floral decorations but be aware that they don’t survive well out of water. On that basis, they are best used when you can place them in vases. They make a pretty addition to bouquets and posies that can always be put in water after the ceremony. We can imagine the most stunning sweet pea bouquets in an outdoor ceremony here at Oxnead Hall. If you’d like to adorn your wedding cake with sweet peas, consider having sugar flowers instead of fresh blooms.


Weddings and hydrangeas are a perfect match, whether you create dramatic arrangements by using them on their own or combine them with other flowers such as roses and peonies. These large globe flowers usually bloom in shades of blue purple and pink and are also found in dreamy hues of white and green. We love to see ‘clouds’ of white at Oxnead Hall, and the stunning greenery of the leaves – you might even use hydrangeas to create an arch for an outdoor ceremony.


With a season spanning from May to October, dahlias are a sophisticated addition to your wedding flowers and work particularly well with the other flowers and some glorious foliage. They’re affordable, easy to find and available in delightful colours from creamy pink to blush pink and rose – a handsome choice for your tables in the Great Barn.
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